Champion: Glenisla Foxglove Tansy, Drayton Farm Partnership

Young Handler:  Isla Campbell, Earlstone, Scotland

The champion Beef Shorthorn calf was Elliot Echo 340, an April 2016-born heifer by Star P Matrix out of SBF WHR Janet from John Elliot, Kelso. In reserve was Shawhill Kenco, a March 2016-born bull calf by Shawhill Henderson out of Glenisla Eva Broadhooks from Thompson, Roddick and Laurie, Lockerbie.

Calf Champion: Elliot Echo 340 from John Elliot

Calf Champion: Elliot Echo 340 from John Elliot

Male Calf born between September 2015 and 28 February 2016
1st    Sowerbyparks Kincaid - S & G Hunt
2nd    Podehole krackerjack - H Horrell
3rd    Gregors Knock out - W & I McGregor
4th    Podehole Kojack - H Horrell
5th    Derwentwood Jagger - N & A Hunter

Male calf born in March 2016
1st    Shawhill Kenco - R & L Thompson
2nd    Lowther Konan - C Lowther
3rd    Knockenjig Keystone - D & R Dickie
4th    Lipwood Kemp - ME & TD Tailford
5th    Lipwood Kirk - ME & TD Tailford

Male Calf born in April or May2016
1st    Elliot Finest Hour - J Elliot
2nd    Warmington Keeper 334 - R Leach
3rd    Lowther Killian - C Lowther
4th    Croftsends King - JE Bellas
5th    Knockenjig Kestrel - D & R Dickie

Female calf born from September 2015 to end of December 2016
1st    Shawhill Lady Jessica - R & L Thompson
2nd    Lintonpriory Myrtle 1002 - I Campbell
3rd    Podehole Gypsy Justina - H Horrell
4th    Shawhill Princess Josephine - R & L Thompson
5th    Derwentwood Tessa 2 - N & A Hunter

Female calf born in January or February 2016
1st    Stonehills Fairy Clipper 10 - G Riby
2nd    Lipwood Briar Rose Kyra - ME & TD Tailford
3rd    Podehole Hermione Karen - H Horrell
4th    Redhill Explorers Crocus 128 - B Wear
5th    Sowerbyparks Nonpariel - S & G Hunt

Female calf born in March 2016
1st    Lowther Caroline 483
2nd    Knockenjig Rosie Duchess K1937 - D & R Dickie
3rd    Lipwood Wheat Katrina - ME & TD Tailford
4th    Gregors Katie Delphinium - W & I McGregor
5th    Warmington Molly 322 - R Leach

Female calf born in April or May 2016
1st    Elliot Echo 338 - J Elliot
2nd    Gregors Kandy Floss - W & I McGregor
3rd    Elliot Echo 340 - J Elliot
4th    Jodame Kiki Dee - M & J Souter
5th    Knockenjig Margo K1944 - D & R Dickie

Young Handler
1st    Isla Campbell
2nd    Megan Souter
3rd    Megan Hunter
4th    Ethan Clarke

Champion: Elliot Echo 338
Reserve Champion: Shawhill Kenco

The Young Handlers competition was awarded to Isla Campbell  from Earlstone, Scotland. Our thanks go to David MacLeod for sponsoring the young handlers class, Morrisons PLC for sponsoring the classes and prize money. Also to our master judge Mr William McLaren jnr and the team at Harrison and Hetherington for accommodating us.

Calf Reserve Champion: Shawhill Kenco from Thompson, Roddick and Laurie

Calf Reserve Champion: Shawhill Kenco from Thompson, Roddick and Laurie