New 16,000gns female breed record secured at Coldrochie dispersal (part two)

The second and final part of Douglas McMillan’s Coldrochie herd dispersal claimed a 16,000gns new cow and calf breed record in Stirling on Wednesday 23 May.

Sale leader was Coldrochie Broadhooks G1 TI +33, SRI +33, a fourth calver within the breed’s top 1%, by Chapelton Winsome and out of a homebred dam. A red and little white, she was sold with her three-month-old heifer, Coldrochie Broadhooks M8 TI +35, SRI +37, a red and little white by the 20,000gns Fearn Godfather. The pair went to WJ and J Green, Fochabers, Morayshire.

Next at 9,000gs was Coldrochie Leroy TI +38, SRI +38, a 15-month-old roan bull by Godfather to J and J Fry, Billingshurst, West Sussex.

Two cow and calf lots shared an 8,000gns bid. Coldrochie Broadhooks D34 TI +20, SRI +11, a roan sixth calver by LS Zeus and her two-month-old Godfather sired red and white bull, Coldrochie M24 EX D34 went to GW Smith, Laurencekirk, Kincardineshire.

The second 8,000gns price tag went to Coldrochie Augusta Blossom H49 TI +35, SRI +25, a red second calver by Chapelton Winsome and her two-month-old red heifer, Coldrochie Augusta Blossom M22, by Godfather. The buyer was breed newcomer Thistledown Cowford Farms, Bankfoot, Perthshire who went on to take 11 more lots including Coldrochie Augusta Blossom L8, TI +34, SRI +32, a dark roan 15-month-old heifer by Godfather, for 7,500gns.

Thistledown bid 7,000gns twice for two cow and calf lots. First to go was Coldrochie Secret Swift K17 (H) TI +18, SRI +18, a roan first calver by the 12,000gns Knockenjig Foremost and her six-week-old dark roan heifer, Coldrochie Secret Swift M37 TI+17, SRI +16, a Lintonpriory Victory daughter.

Next at 7,000gns was the Chapelton Winsome sired second calver, Coldrochie Princess Royal H47 TI +20, SRI +22 and her two-month-old roan heifer, Coldrochie Princess Royal M33 by Victory.

Four lots were each bid to 6,500gns by Thistledown. First was Coldrochie Janet K6 (P) TI +26, SRI +24, a Red Star P Matrix 4N X daughter and her two-month-old red and little white heifer, Coldrochie Janet M29 (P) TI +23, SRI +21, by Coldrochie Juggernaut.

Next were two Fearn Godfather sired 15-month-old heifers - the red Coldrochie Broadhooks L4 (H) TI +41, SRI +38 and the dark roan Coldrochie Grace Beauty L7 (P) TI +28, SRI +26. Thistledown’s final 6,500gns call went to stock bull, Knockenjig Foremost TI +25, SRI +20, a roan six-year-old by Meonhill Charlie Chaplin. Earlier on the same buyer paid 6,000gns for Coldrochie Catriona Rosebud F15 (P) TI +14, SRI +12, a red fifth calver by Colnvalley Bogart and her two-month-old red and white heifer, Coldrochie Catriona Rosebud M13 (H) by Foremost.

Coldrochie Grace Beauty K16 TI +30, SRI +27, a roan first calver by Godfather and her six-week-old red bull, Coldrochie M39 EX K16 (P) by Juggernaut made 6,500gns to Strathisla Farms, Blairgowrie, Perthshire.

Bulls were also in the money. The homebred 13-month-old roan Foremost son, Coldrochie Lincoln (P) TI +21, SRI +18 was bid to 6,000gns by JF Irving and Son, Yarrow, Selkirkshire.

Averages: 33 cows with calves at foot £5,059; 2 in calf heifers £2,520; 19 yearling heifers £4,432; 3 young bulls £6,230; 1 stock bull £6,825.

Auctioneers: United Auctions