Important: Zootechnical Regulations and how to comply

Image courtesy of Waldemar Brandt at  Unsplash

Image courtesy of Waldemar Brandt at Unsplash

The Zootechnical Regulations came into force in November 2018 and are designed to facilitate trade between the EU and recognised third country associations. All cattle societies in the UK and Europe have to abide by this legislation. The Society is not able to register any imports imported after this date which do not meet these requirements.

If you want to use animals or germinal products from outside the UK or EU, you must make sure they come from an approved third country breed society. These are societies that have been authorised under Article 34 of EU regulation 2016/1012 to take part in Zootech trade. Animals and germinal products from these societies are treated the same as EU animals and germinal products. Before you purchase any live animals, semen or embryos from another country, please first check that the association who will be issuing the registration is on the third country approved list. The third country list is NOT a list of approved countries; it is a list of approved associations within a country.

Any live animals, semen or oocytes (embryos) from an approved third country must also be accompanied by a zootechnical certificate as per the model zootechnical certificates which can be found under the Downloadable Documents page of the website. Without a zootechnical certificate the Society is no longer permitted to transfer imported live animals, semen or embryos (the progeny of) into Coates herd book. If the imported product does not meet Coates’ herd book requirements, i.e. it has both parents and all grandparents in the main section of the herd book of origin, the progeny thereof will NOT be eligible for Coates’ herd book.

If you have already purchased any germinal products from another country in storage or awaiting use, please complete and return the proforma which can be downloaded from the Downloadable Documents page. If you are unable to download a copy, please contact the office so that we can post or email one to you.

Members have until Wednesday 31 July, 2019, to log these with the Society. Any imports not logged with the Society by this date will otherwise be subject to the rules above.