Shorthorn Beef - more finishers wanted

More finishers are required to join Morrisons Shorthorn Beef Scheme. Following its hugely successful launch in 2016, Morrisons’ latest plan is to supply the brand to all its stores.


Initially, between 130 and 150 finished cattle were sourced each week to supply the Shorthorn Beef brand in over 100 selected stores. Shorthorn Beef proved to deliver unequalled eating quality and it soon became apparent that it is one of those basket items that Morrisons’ customers enjoy, and repeatedly purchase.

The following year, the full range of steaks, salmon-cut and topside joints, each proudly holding the Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society logo on its packaging, expanded to 300 stores up and down the country. Similarly, the volume of cattle sourced also expanded to 200 head per week.

As the scheme enters its next expansion phase with a target to supply all Morrisons stores, the supermarket is actively looking for more finishers to supply cattle sired by a pedigree registered Beef Shorthorn bull.

“As the Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society continues its agreement for Morrisons to be the sole UK supermarket to retail Shorthorn Beef, we welcome this huge opportunity; it’s a development that reflects the company’s long-standing commitment to the breed.”
Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society President, Sally Horrell

Morrisons Shorthorn Beef Scheme requirements

The Morrisons Shorthorn Beef range aims to offer customers a consistent product using only beef bred cattle sired by a registered Beef Shorthorn bull.

To ensure that consistency, Morrisons requires its finishers to adhere to a number of requirements:

  • All eligible cattle must be fed on a high starch, cereal-based finishing diet for 60 days prior to slaughter.

  • Approved finishing units must be Farm Assured.

  • Farmers are required to sign a declaration form as an approved scheme finisher and attach a copy of the finishing diet.‘The Best’ Shorthorn Beef range: specification and returns

‘The Best’ Shorthorn Beef range specification and returns

All Beef Shorthorn sired steers and heifers under 30 months of age are eligible for premiums as per the grid. Weight range: 270kg to 400kg deadweight; O+ to –U, fat class 3 – 4H.

Passports – name the sire

A reminder to all suckler producers: the UK passport number of the registered pedigree Beef Shorthorn bull must be included on each animal’s passport in order to ensure eligibility for rightful premiums when you sell your store cattle. When registering births with BCMS, click on the optional 'sire' box and enter his UK ear tag number. Morrisons is moving towards solely registered sires in the near future.

Become a supplier – join our scheme

To find out more about registering as an approved finisher, see: for a declaration form. Alternatively, contact the Woodhead Bros livestock office on 01282 729153 or one of the Woodhead Bros/Morrisons team below.

Michael Winchester, senior livestock buyer - national 07801 100092
Jodie Bolland, senior buyer - beef 07583 068311
Jim Holden, cattle and lambs - national 07831 555076
George Clapham, trainee livestock buyer - cattle and lambs - national 07970 372944
Ray Platts, cattle and lambs - Midlands, southern England and Wales 07801 595327
Richard Sharratt, cattle and pigs - Midlands and southern England 07788 184300
Stephen Zealand, cattle and lambs - southern England 07891 812706
Michael Wilson, cattle and lambs - Scotland 07581 412433
Richard Henderson, cattle and lambs - Scotland 07885 110762