In memory of a true Highland gentleman

David Alexander Macleod, 29 August 1940 - 25 September 2018
President Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society 2008-2009

I’m looking at two very typical photos of David on the service sheet for his funeral service on 12 October in Edinburgh, which celebrated a very full and successful life. Many of his family, friends and acquaintances took part in a very moving service.


The photos here show David in his beloved Highland countryside, where he set up the Glengloy Beef Shorthorn herd. He created a model highland estate at Glengloy, coupled with land around Inverlochy castle hotel right under Ben Nevis, which comprised farming cattle and sheep, forestry and sport. In fact, he wrote a full account of his vision of estate management, published in the Shorthorn record some years ago, relevant today as it was then.

David’s tenure of BSCS presidency coincided with the health program in which we now participate in. He was adamant this was the way forward for the pedigree industry. He was a president who steered the society through the TH saga, with charm and determination. It was a sad day when David decided to disperse the Glengloy herd, but then I suppose all good things come to an end sometime. Glengloy blood lines have been right at the top by then, and the blood lines continue today.


David was a true Highland gentleman, so generous with his hospitality. His fishing trips to the Helmsdale in early spring, in sometimes atrocious weather are happy memories to many of us. That enormous Toyota stacked to the roof with fishing gear is one; his ever-present laugh, coupled with a voice you couldn’t forget, another.

David will be missed by us all. His family, Kirsty, Jane and Kirsty Anna especially to whom we send our sympathy.

Major JPO Gibb