Morrisons steak wins 'gold' at World Steak Challenge 2018


A Shorthorn Rib-eye steak from Morrisons has been voted one of the best in the world at the 2018 World Steak Challenge.

The World Steak Challenge rates the quality of beef from competitors across the world and awarded Morrisons a gold for its The Best British Shorthorn Rib-eye, which costs approximately £7.56 for a 280g steak.

Morrisons launched their own Shorthorn brand in September 2016 Shorthorn beef is renowned for its texture and flavour because the beef is well marbled with fat to deliver a greater depth of flavour and tenderness to the beef.

Jodie Bolland, Beef Buyer at Morrisons, said: "We’ve always believed in backing British beef and so we are delighted to see Beef Shorthorn up there with the best in the world.”

Morrisons also picked up two silver and two bronze medals for their Fillet and Sirloin Shorthorn beef steaks.

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