Central Club 2018 round up

Spring visit

Andre Vrona of A&C Farms

Andre Vrona of A&C Farms

A lovely late spring morning saw 40 members of the Central Club (and a few from other clubs) descend upon A&C Farms, Langham to see the Langham herd of Beef Shorthorns.

The enthusiasm of Andre and Jo for the breed could not be missed as we were treated to a preview of the show team during the tour of the herd. We were then lucky to see the superb embryo calves with the recipient South Devon dams.

The day was finished off with us enjoying the fabulous Langham Lamb – I think we all agreed it was delicious and could have sat for a lot longer in the beautiful surroundings.

Thank you to Andre, Caroline, Jo and team for a great day.

Autumn tour

Our autumn tour to West Wales started at the Carreg herd of Jim and Louise Stone - we were in awe at the amount of grass and the scenery. It was a wonderful start to our tour, spoilt with great cows and a lovely group of heifers.

The next day started with a visit to Hywell and Emma Evans’ Derw herd where we thoroughly enjoyed looking at a splendid herd in a beautiful setting.

Then we went on to the Frenni herd of Brian and Eiryeh Thomas, where we were treated to a lovely lunchtime spread, which we walked off going up the hill to see Meonhill Firefox with his cows and calves.

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Next stop was the Drisgol Dairy Shorthorn herd, where Hannah and Shaun gave up their time to show us their cows. What a fascinating visit to see their new rotary parlour and lovely content calves. It was great to see enthusiasm for the dairy industry from the younger generation.

Sunday morning started at the Cetris herd courtesy of Keith and Helen Jones, where we saw some fabulous females and a locally bred stock bull.

We then headed up to the mountains to see the Plynlimon herd thanks to Christopher Evans and Reg. At the highest point on our trip, it was great to see Shorthorns proving their hardiness, with strong cross bred calves.

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The final stop on the tour was at the Llwynhywel herd. Esyllt, Irwell, Gerraint and Jane took us on a tour of their strong herd of cows and we were lucky enough to see their prize winning welsh cobs. We were then treated to a hog roast and Welsh Male Voice choir at the fundraising event held at the farm.

Thank you to all the herds we visited, we saw tremendous cattle and had fantastic hospitality from you all.

The phrase of the weekend … “Look at all that grass!” We were a little bit jealous!