Commercial Producers

©Catherine MacGregor

©Catherine MacGregor

Beef Shorthorn is providing a solution for suckler producers who are seeking a functional cow following the demise of quality replacements sourced for many years from the dairy sector.

Furthermore, with trends towards developing closed herds for biosecurity and health reasons, Beef Shorthorn fits well into herd replacement strategies.

Beef Shorthorn combines its natural maternal characteristics with performance and ease of management. Overall, Beef Shorthorn is a perfect fit for low input, low cost systems.

Whilst Beef Shorthorn cross heifers are retained for replacement purposes, steers – previously a by-product are now in demand for Morrisons Shorthorn Beef Scheme.

Beef Shorthorn is able to deliver since breeders have modernised the breed; they’ve introduced new genetics and carefully selected within the breed. Those selection strategies are on-going with the help of Breedplan, the society’s performance recording register.


Ten reasons to choose Beef shorthorn

@Catherine MacGregor

@Catherine MacGregor

  • Docile

  • Fertile

  • Easy calving

  • Hardy

  • Easy care

  • Premium beef

  • Natural foragers

  • Profitable

  • Milky

  • Long lived