How to join the Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society

Joining the Beef Shorthorn Cattle Society is relatively easy. Simply download the application form below, complete, sign and send it to us, along with your payment details and partnership details (if appropriate), where indicated.

Full membership entitles you to the use of a herd prefix which is required when registering in Coates Herd Book. You will find full details of the membership and registration fees on this website.

©Catherine MacGregor

©Catherine MacGregor

In accordance with the Articles of Association of the Society, it is necessary in the event of an application being made by a Partnership or Company that one person only be appointed to be fully responsible to the Society, and to have the sole voting right to attend and vote at meetings of the Society. The nomination must be made by completing a declaration on the application form, which will be lodged in our records accordingly. The nominee will be responsible for the signing of all documents, ie, birth notifications, transfers, inspection requests (if any), etc, for all the animals held by the registered membership.

Any membership in the name of a partnership must declare the full names and addresses of every partner involved on the form, which you can download below. Any animal registered by the member will be considered to be in the full ownership of the said partnership to comply with the regulations of the Society.