Overseas societies

You may be interested in what other Shorthorn societies are doing round the world. Or even in contacting some of the members to exchange information and ideas, organise an international visit or do some business together. Here is a selection of other Shorthorn societies around the globe.


Shorthorn Beef (Australia)

Shorthorn Beef has several registration alternatives including purebred and crossbred Shorthorn cattle and suitable for Seed-stock herds and commercial breeders alike.


The Beef shorthorn Society of Australia

The Beef Shorthorn Society of Australia is the official organisation for stud breeders and commercial breeders of Beef Shorthorn and Australian Shorthorn cattle.


Irish Shorthorn Society

Based in Turles in County Tipperary, the Irish Shorthorn Society is our nearest neighbour and is most likely better known to our Northern Ireland Club members.


Canadian Shorthorn Association

With a head office based in Saskatchewan and a registry in Calgary, the Canadian Shorthorn Association is our equivalent in Canada. 


American Shorthorn Association

The American Shorthorn Association provides quality service and support to its members by promoting the value of Shorthorn cattle in all aspects of the beef industry, while maintaining the integrity of the herd book and performance database.


New Zealand Shorthorn Association

The New Zealand Shorthorn Association was established in 1915 to record pedigree and performance information in order to maintain the ongoing integrity of this well established breed.