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Winter Webinars

Breedplan – The Sustainable suckler cow and corresponding data

As part of our ongoing strategy to increase the level of data available to members and potential purchasers, we held a winter webinar entitled ‘The Sustainable suckler cow and corresponding data’. In this Catriona Millen, from Breedplan, ran through the key sustainable traits as well as identifying the key data available to aid breeding decisions. There with also some tips on simple recording of that data so it is well worth watching to allow you to get the most out of our performance data.

Getting the best out of Breedplan and An Introduction to Genomics

Entitled Getting the best out of Breedplan and an introduction to Genomics this webinar offered a more in depth focus for those who already use the system regularly, along with an introduction to Genomics.

BREEDPLAN offers bull breeders the potential to accelerate genetic progress in their herds, and to provide objective information on stock they sell to commercial breeders. Fully integrated with the Society’s ABRI system,  it aims to give the best prediction of an animal’s genetics that modern technology can provide, and with the introduction of Genomics hopefully a new layer of detail.

Breedplan – The Value of Data and Getting Started with Breedplan

This webinar gives you an introduction to the scheme, and an explanation of the parameters captured and how these are used.

The presentation is given by Catriona Millen and Brad Crook. Brad manages the Genetics Research and Development team at the Agricultural Business Research Institute (ABRI). In this role, he oversees the testing and implementation of analytical processes used in the BREEDPLAN genetic evaluation and undertakes research relevant to this outcome. He also provides technical support to ABRI’s beef clients, especially on the use of genomic data in genetic evaluations. He has been with ABRI since 2000 and is based in Armidale, Australia. Catriona is part of his field team carrying out farm visits and looking to continually improve the system to reflect today’s agricultural practises and data needs of Breeders.

The final part of the webinar contains questions from members to the team and the answers that were given.

The sustainable suckler cow and corresponding data
Getting the best out of Breedplan and An Introduction to Genomics
Breedplan - The Value of Data and Getting Started with Breedplan

Understanding and Managing Neospora

This is an excellent opportunity to understand more about Neospora, as well as how to manage potential issues, from our two independent speakers Professor Elisabeth (Lee) Innes of the Moredun Institute and Helen Carty, Veterinary Centre Manager for SRUC.

Pasture Fed Livestock Webinars

It can be done: benefits that a pasture-based diet can have on a farm’s profits, animal health, soil fertility and biodiversity.

Section 1
Presentation by Pen Rashbass of the Pasture Fed Livestock Association
Section 2
Farm Case Study by John Cherry
Section 3
Farm Case Study by Simon Hare
Section 4
Question and Answer Session Chaired by Charles Horton (Society President)

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