South Wales and Mid-Western Club Herd competition

What a privilege to be asked to visit the herds of the South Wales and Mid-Western Club. We had a very enjoyable few days and were made to feel very welcome by all the herds. I think we finished the judging several pounds heavier due to the fantastic hospitality. We saw some terrific heifers and cows, and this year’s crop of calves will be ones to watch over the next few years. It was not an easy task to place the classes and we had many discussions over our slightly differing opinions!

Tim and Katy Coles

Best Herd

1st Lamboro – Alma James
2nd Cetris – Keith Jones
3rd Vale Meadows – Martin Reynolds

Best Bull

1st Grafton Hubert - Mark Davies
2nd Lamboro Horatio - Alma James
3rd Turncroft Cruiser - Martin Reynolds

Best Cow with calf

1st Meonhill Secret Surprise and calf - Keith Jones
2nd Derw Kate and calf - H and E Evans
3rd Carrey Poppy Gem II and calf - Marion Davies

Best Calf born in 2018

1st Vale Meadows Carnation 8th - Martin Reynolds
2nd Derw Myfanwy - H and E Evans
3rd Elkington Liberty Snowstorm - Mark Davies

Best Pair of heifers

1st Cetris Kim and Hartlington Kimberly - Keith Jones
2nd Lamboro Legend and Lamboro Liberty - Alma James
3rd Caedelyn Princess Bliss and Carrey Princess Polly 10 - Marion James