Southern Club Herd competition 2017 results

Here are the results of our recent herd competition. Congratulations to all the winners and a big thank you to all entries, our judge, organisers and helpers. A great day was had by all.


Large Herd > 70 cattle
1st Hursley Herd
2nd Stanford Park Herd - Mr & Mrs M Stoneham
3rd Dargavel Herd -  Paul Crawley

Medium Herd 20-70 cattle
1st Meonhill Herd - Mr & Mrs S Chaplin
2nd Woolcombe Herd - Marigold Christian
3rd Cooperdown Herd - Alastair Cooper

Small Herd < 20 cattle
1st Longfield Herd - Tina Russell & Simon Farmer
2nd Poyntington Herd - Dr & Mrs S Cave
3rd Bowden Herd - Sue Watson & Tim Prior

Overall Herd
Longfield Herd – Tina Russell & Simon Farmer

Reserve Herd
Meonhill Herd – Mr & Mrs S Chaplin

Large Herd Results

Senior Bull
1st Millerstone Fine Ideal -  Hursley Herd
2nd Meonhill Graduate – Dargavel Herd
3rd Lucombe Oak – Dargavel Herd

Junior Bull
1st Kassam of Longfield – Stanford Park
2nd Jar Jar Binks of Longfield – Stanford Park

Best Cow and Calf
1st Hursley Ethel Redda – Hursley
2nd Grafton Elesha 184 – Stanford Park
3rd Lynthrop Barrington Duchess – Stanford Park

Best Heifer and Calf or In-calf
1st Miltonlockhart Hip Hop – Stanford Park
2nd Miltonlockhart Hannah – Stanford Park
3rd Dargavel Maude Brenda – Dargavel

Best Heifer born 2016
1st Stanford Park Tessa 216 – Stanford Park
2nd Hursley Secret Gypsy – Hursley
3rd Hursley Secret Garbot- Hursley

Best Calf born 2017
1st Hursley Flossy – Hursley
2nd Stanford Park Flossy 287 – Stanford Park
3rd Hursley 10273 (bull) – Hursley

Best Group of Heifers Large Herd
1st Stanford Park
2nd Hursley
3rd Dargavel

Medium Herd Results

Senior Bull
1st Govenor of Upsall – Cooperdown
2nd Dunsyre Goldfinger – Woolcombe
3rd Meonside Fusilier – Hansford

Junior Bull
1st Misty Jordan - Misty
2nd Cooperdown Karaka – Cooperdown
3rd Cooperdown Keyway – Cooperdown

Cow and Calf
1st Meonhill Forsythia Queen – Meonhill
2nd Glenisla Rosebud – Woolcombe
3rd Parsonspark Heather Maid – Misty

Best Heifer and Calf or In-calf
1st Bundenberg Jubilee – Woolcombe
2nd Misty Heathermaid Harmony – Misty
3rd Woolcombe Venus Opal – Woolcombe

Heifer born 2016
1st Meonhill Secret Silky - Meonhill
2nd Meonhill Secret Katie – Meonhill
3rd Woolcombe Venus Opal – Woolcombe

Calf born 2017
1st Meonhill Joyful Chrisse – Meonhill
2nd Woolcombe Lark – Woolcombe
3rd Cooperdown Flossy Fair – Cooperdown

Medium Herd Group of Heifers
1st Meonhill
2nd Woolcombe
3rd Misty

Small Herd Results

Senior Bull
1st Westmoor Gladiator - Bladen

Junior Bull
1st Highland Jethro of Longfield – Elphicks Herd
2nd Jeagle of Longfield – Poyntington
3rd Jurassic of Longfield – Bowden

Cow and Calf
1st Bowden Irania Cupcake – Bowden
2nd Lowther Magic – Longfield
3rd Glenisla Eva Broadhooks – Redhill

Heifer and Calf or In-calf
1st Glenisla Flower – Brambleberry
2nd Poyntington Daisy – Poyntington
3rd Elphicks Secret Solitaire – Elphicks

Heifer born 2016
1st Longfield Lovely Exhibit – Longfield
2nd Redhill Explorers – Redhill
3rd Bowden Irania Kitkat – Bowden

Calf born 2017
1st Redhill Lord Thunder – Redhill
2nd Poyntington Lord Lieutenant – Poyntington
3rd Munsley Lillian Lily – Munsley

Small Herd Group of Heifers
1st Poyntington
2nd Redhill
3rd Elphicks