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Why Beef Shorthorn?

The Beef Shorthorn breed ticks all the boxes for an increasing number of farmers.

The breed’s versatility makes it suitable for a wide variety of modern-day beef systems. Great foragers, hardy and highly feed efficient, the Beef Shorthorn is ideally suited to today’s commercial opportunities.  

Maternal Strengths: Widely regarded for its maternal traits – fertile, easy calving, milky and docile – the Beef Shorthorn has long been considered an outstanding suckler cow and an excellent cross to improve milkiness and temperament in any herd.

Morrisons Shorthorn Beef Scheme: One of the most attractive beef schemes in the country, Morrisons champion Beef Shorthorn in their ‘The Best’ range, recognising that the succulent texture and exceptional eating quality of Beef Shorthorn is second to none.

Sustainable By Nature: Great foragers and long lived; the Beef Shorthorn is a natural improver, delivering positive environmental impact with core traits that are well aligned to emerging market trends.

High Health Status: We are proud of being the first UK breed society to insist that all animals sold at official Society sales are blood tested for BVD, Lepto and IBR, apart from cattle from herds already accredited by a Cattle Health Certification Standards (CHeCS) scheme. 

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