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Fees & Renewals

Society Membership Fees

All prices shown include VAT, unless stated otherwise. Payments must be made in £ sterling.

Full Membership (registering cattle)£60 per annum
One-off Herd Prefix and Joining Fee (paid in addition to full membership fee)£90
Associate Membership (no cattle registration)£18 per annum

Other costs

Transfer of Ownership (transfer for animals sold at Society sales is free of charge)
*Please note pedigree certificates should be signed on the back by the breeder or accompanied by a letter agreeing the transfer.
Purchasers are expected to pay the transfer fee. The office must be informed at time of transfer if the vendor has agreed to pay.
Herd Books (no VAT)£20 plus P&P

Registration Costs

(please note that there may be testing costs in addition to your registration fee; please also note Registrations are non-refundable)

Online and Farmplan

Male – Under 6 months£31.20
Female – Under 4 months£31.20
Male – 6 to 12 months£61.20
Female – 4 to 12 months£68.40
Male – Over 12 months£241.20
Female – Over 12 months£121.20
ET Over 6 months£90.00


Male – Under 6 months£39.60
Female – Under 4 months£39.60
Male – 6 to 12 months£66.00
Female – 4 to 12 months£73.20
Male – Over 12 months£246.00
Female – Over 12 months£126.00
ET Over 6 months£90.00

Testing Costs

SNP profile
Single Nucleotide Polymorphism – DNA profile
* SNP forms the base for all other genetic tests so this is required for any other tests listed to be carried out
TH trait analysis
Society rules can be found on this website regarding TH testing
Additional parents
This fee will be charged per additional parent, if there are more than three possible parents or for any additional parents notified after submission
Polled trait analysis
An optional test to be requested at the time of sample submission
NB: From 1st January 2023 any bull registered as polled will need to be DNA tested and its polled status recorded to avoid any potential confusion. In order to facilitate a smooth transition of this change the Society will cover the cost of the polled test for bulls until the end of 2023.
Myostatin testing
A requirement for all bull calves, imported animals and embryo registration calves
Parentage/sire verification (up to three parents)
If you are not sure of the parentage of any animal, it must be verified
External profile transfer fee
To transfer DNA profiles which have been created at other laboratories, for example, for animals purchased from abroad
  • All bull calves must be sire verified and Myostatin tested.
  • All imports must be registered, sire verified, and tested clear for TH and Myostatin.
  • Progeny from embryo transfer must be registered, sire and dam verified, and tested clear for TH and Myostatin.

All prices shown include VAT, unless stated otherwise. Payments must be made in £ sterling

Important Notes

Payment is required with your membership or registration applications, and forms will be returned if cheques are not enclosed. Online payments should be made at the same time as online registration. Please use your membership number as reference. Registrations are non-refundable.

Male calf registrations must be accompanied by a hair sample for DNA testing. All bull calves must now be sire verified. Additional fees will apply, if no sire passes verification.

DNA Testing Checklist

DNA Testing Checklist

The Society requires some compulsory DNA tests to be carried out on certain types of animals, however you may wish to request non-compulsory tests for other animals. The table below sets out the compulsory and optional tests for each type of animal – prices can be found above under ‘Registration costs’.