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National Herd Award launched to mark our Bicentenary

National Herd Award launched to mark our Bicentenary

The Beef Shorthorn Society are launching a new National Herd Award in 2022 as part of our bicentenary celebrations.

The award has been developed to recognise the 200 years of breeding excellence across the UK and Ireland by Shorthorn farmers, which has led to the Beef Shorthorn becoming rightly known as ‘the great improver’.

This year entry for the new award will be open to the top seven herds that were judged overall champions in their local regions in autumn 2021, with the winner selected by veteran judge George Somerville, former Farm Manager of Glenkiln Farms in Dumfries & Galloway. Going forward it will be open to the highest placed Breedplan recorded herd in each region.

Annual herd competitions have become an important part of regional club activities and breed promotion for Beef Shorthorns, providing a way to showcase the qualities of the hard-working cows around the country.