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New era for Beef Shorthorn brand

The Beef Shorthorn breed is positioning itself for a confident and modern impact on the beef industry going forward as they launch a new evolution of the Beef Shorthorn Society brand, with a refreshed and modernised message of the breed’s future potential.

Tim Riley, President of the Beef Shorthorn Society said, “As a Board and Society we are thrilled to launch a new chapter of the Beef Shorthorn Society brand.

New Beef Shorthorn Logo

“As the oldest pedigree-registered cattle breed in the world as well as one of the fastest-growing native breeds in the UK, we are immensely proud of our past but also excited for the future direction of the breed and the Society. It was therefore the right time to build on and revitalise our original branding.”

Membership along with the number of Beef Shorthorn cattle has grown in the last 10 years, with over 4,000 females and nearly 1,100 bulls being registered every year and commercial birth registrations to Beef Shorthorn sires on a steady increase.  Mr Riley says the continued success of the breed is at the forefront of the Board’s thoughts and ambitions with the aim to “continue this momentum with the next generation of beef farmers.”

He continued: “Our new look more clearly distinguishes the “Shorthorn identity” in the image of the bull and embodies the friendly nature of our Society. Earlier brand elements such as our ‘tick’ have also evolved. The motif of the ‘tick’ sets us apart visually from other Society’s and denotes the ‘approval’ that the breed receives from the likes of Morrisons through our Beef Shorthorn Scheme.”

Ed Harvey, Head of Marketing and Communications said, “I’m extremely proud of the work produced by the team at Findlay Design who were commissioned to advise us on evolving our brand in a way that was considerate of our heritage but would also convey the value proposition of the breed both as a modern beef breed choice whilst reflecting the ‘friendliness’ of the Society to prospective and long-standing members.

 “The modernisation of the brand, from the softening of the font through to a more representative ‘roan’ colour and markings as well as the improved characteristics and stance of the Beef Shorthorn animal within the design, conveys a wonderful confidence for the future of improved awareness and interest in the breed.”

The rebrand will shortly be rolled-out across a new and improved website for the Beef Shorthorn Society, with updated merchandise, digital and print advertising filtering in throughout 2024.