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Dunsyre dispersal tops May Stirling Shorthorn trade

The final sale to complete the dispersal of Carey Coombs’ Dunsyre herd led the prices at the Beef Shorthorn Society’s May fixture, Stirling.

Topping the trade at 6000gns was Dunsyre Hyacinth 26th, a May 2018-born third calver sold with her heifer calf at foot, Dunsyre Hyacinth 29th.

Hyacinth 26th is a Redhill Ferny daughter out of a dam by Langalbuinoch Barney and sold in-calf to Fearn No Limits. August-born Hyacinth 29th is by Glenisla Kilimanjaro, with the outfit selling to Francis Baird, Tetbury, Glos.

Second best at 5800gns was another cow and calf combination, Dunsyre Rose Magic 8th, a Glenisla Kilimanjaro-sired first calver out of a dam by Redhill Ferny. She sold with her Fearn No Limits heifer calf, Dunsyre Rose Magic 11th, at foot and headed away to join Raymond Steen’s Hazelbank herd.

Then at 5000gns was Dunsyre Gigha 35th. She’s another Glenisla Kilimanjaro-sired first calver out of a Redhill Ferny-sired dam and again sold with a Fearn No Limits heifer calf at foot, Dunsyre Gigha 43rd. Buying her was James Gibson, Forth, Lanarkshire.

Redhill Ferny’s breeder, Brenda Wear, Bristol, then spent 4500gns on Dunsyre Lily 91st. She’s by Ferny and out of a Glenisla Guardsman-sired dam and sold with her first calf, Dunsyre Lily 101st, at foot. This calf is again by Fearn No Limits.

Next in line at 3600gns was another heading to Lanarkshire with James Gibson, Dunsyre Lily 88th. She’s by Kilimanjaro and out of a dam by Langalbuinoch Barney. She was again sold with her first calf at foot, this time a bull calf, Dunsyre Sebastian, with this one also by Fearn No Limits.

Then making 3200gns was Dunsyre Leila 62nd. This Dunsyre Lord Nelson-sired first calver is out of a Dunsyre Asterix dam and sold with her bull calf, Dunsyre Spirit at foot. He’s another by Fearn No Limits, with this pair being the pick of D P MacGillvray, Tain, Ross-Shire.

And following her at 3100gns was Dunsyre Iona 38th. Sired by Glenisla Kilimanjaro, this first calver is out of an Oldglenort Ury Motivator-sired dam. She sold to Duncan MacGregor, Kilsyth, with her Fearn No Limits-sired heifer calf at foot, Dunsyre Iona 48th.

Average; 28 cows with calves at foot £2823.75 (United Auctions).