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Stokesley Show – 17th September 2022

Judge: John D. M. Thomson

A nice entry of well turned-out Beef Shorthorns for the four classes at this show.

Champion was the exceptional nine year old cow, Gilven Butterfly Georgia, by Gilven Earl, with her young calf at foot. She was shown by R.S. & G. Johnson, Huby, York.

Reserve was an impressive red bull, the eighteen-month old Regent of Upsall, by Mandalong of Upsall, from R.G. & H.E. Thompson, Bennison House, Sneaton, Whitby.


Bull born on or after 1/1/21

  • 1st. R.G. & H.E. Thompson, Regent of Upsall.

Cow in milk or in calf

  • 1st. R.S. & G. Johnson, Gilven Butterfly Georgia. 
  • 2nd. H. Barker & J. Gibson, Appleton Dawn Gretchen. 
  • 3rd. K. Ward, Kimrina Nena.

Senior heifer

  • 1st. C. Ward, Kimrina Peggy. 
  • 2nd. M. & L. Day, Beautry Shuna Paloma. 
  • 3rd. H. Barker & J. Gibson, Augusta X1526 of Upsall.

Junior heifer

  • 1st. R.G. & H.E. Thompson, Grinkle Firefox Kooky Rose. 
  • 2nd. R.S. & G. Johnson, Gilven Sapphire Royalla. 
  • 3rd. H. Barker & J. Gibson, Appleton Cordelia Kipette.

Pictured below Gilven Butterfly Georgia EX95, retaining her championship from 2019 at the 2022 Stokesley Show with calf Gilven Solomon, by Gilven Journey EX95.